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Biggles latest outfit. Holly W went shopping at Build a Bear and she bought Biggles a new outfit. She chose a Carlton Football Club.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Holly for buying Biggles his new clothes.


Term 4  – Week 4

My Trip to Oscar’s House


When we got home, Oscar went on the Wii and he played Mario and Oscar played a lot more games on the Wii. Then it was dinner time. We had sticky chicken for tea. “Yum!” Then we watched Dinosaur. It was a great movie. Then we went to bed. “Goodnight!”


On Friday, Oscar and I woke up and we went in Oscar’s Mum’s room and we asked “Can we please play the Wii?” We played Star Wars. Oscar’s grandma said “Let’s go to The Hub.” We all said “Ok.” so we went to the Hub and went to Vill’s cake and I got a bacon sandwich and Oscar got pancakes. “Yum!” Then we went home. It was dinner time. It was pasta. Then we watched Lion King 2. Then it was bed time. “Goodnight!”


Oscar and I woke up and did the same thing again. So we played Avatar. Then we ate Porridge. Then we went outside and played Football. Then we had lunch. Then we went to the park and Oscar ran laps of the park.


Term 1 – Week 9

Here is a photo of our Travel Buddy – Chopper the beaver! He’s been seen in other blog posts. Here is a photo of Chopper and his new friend Lovvie the Koala! Jamie gave Chopper his new Aussie friend to him.







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Term 4
Week 4- My Visit with Jordan

Here are some photos of Biggles visiting Jordan’s house.
Biggles and Jordan on PhotoPeach

Week 10

My Visit with Will

William and Biggles

I went to Matthew’s home and we went on a tree to play.

Then we played dodge ball  we had a drink of water it was fun and we went home and we ate dinner.

From Will

My Visit with Matthew

After school when my name was called out for Biggles I thought “Yes, I’ve got Biggles!”
When we were going home we went to Jemma’s house for a play. Then we went home. When we went ito my room Biggles asked me if he could hang off my basketball net. I said, “Fine, you can hang off my basketball net.”

Biggles like doing this!






Biggles in my new room in my new house.

Biggles likes my drumming.








Week 9
Biggles and I

When Miss Sporn called out my name I was so excited. I ran
out the door and went to Mum and said Mum it is my go with Biggles.
On Saturday we went to the classic Adelaide at my Nanna and Poppa’s
place. We saw lots different cars like a Porsche,Ferrari and a Lamborghini. We had some African people over there names were
Kefie and Jiri. They were very happy.







Week 8

My Visit with Katie

On the weekend I went to Burra and Biggles came along.





This is Biggles and I by our tent.






This is Biggles and I near the fence.






My brother and Jayde’s brother caught a yabby.







Week 6 – Monday – Biggles the Bear at Trent’s House

When I got home from school Biggles and I went on my go-cart- it was great.

We watched some TV together and went to Footy Presentations on Friday night too.

We also went to my sister’s netball final and she won.

Week 5 – My Visit with Louis






Last Thursday I brought Biggles home. Here is Biggles

and I watching the news and weather report on Tv.


I for got before we weather the news

mum Biggles and I made a ginger bread cake. Biggles and I

got to lick the mixing bowl. It was yummy.











After dinner I had a bath and got my pyjamas on ready for

bed. Biggles had a bear bath in mum’s ASKO washing

machine. He cam out smelling fresh and clean.






Here’s Biggles and I with another bear friend of mine Pooh

Bear. Dad came and read a story with us.

Week 4 – My Visit with Ella

On Saturday I woke up with Biggles and we went to my sister’s netball. We sat on a chair and had a muffin.

On the way home from netball we had lunch at a cafe. Biggles and I had a baby chino and some wedges.

We spent the afternoon playing with Spencer.

On Sunday we cleaned up the house for some visitors who were coming to watch the footy.


Week 3 – My Visit with Emma

When Miss Sporn called my name out I was so exited so I quickly ran to my friend Arabella and we both ran to the top drop off and waited for her mum. When Arabella’s mum came we hopped in the car. Arabella sat in the front Lily and Pip sat in the very back of the car with me. Portia sat in the middle in her baby seat. When we got to their house we went on the laptops we tried to play on mathletics but she could not move her mouse so we went on games2girls we dressed up girls I dressed up a princess and a lady getting ready for a wedding then we went on ABC iview we watched Olivia then we typed Justin Bieber we heard him sing tell me one time.

Week 3 – My Visit with Sam

Biggles and I did my homework and then he helped me look for rocks in my crystal mining set. We found dolomite amethyst quartz and rose quartz dolomite is green, amethyst is purple, quartz is clear and rose quartz is pink.

Biggles Visit with Aiden – Term 3  Week 10

When Thomas picked my name I didn’t know that my name would be called out.  When we had to go home I walked home with Biggles in my rain jacket and I had to put my hand under Biggles so he didn’t fall out!!

When Jordan, Biggles and I got home Biggles and I watched TV.  Then Biggles and I had a biscuit then I had to take the recycling out. Later I had to go to trampolining. When Biggles and I got home Biggles and I cleaned our teeth then we went to bed. Biggles slept with me.

This morning Mum and Biggles listened to me read and Biggles read four pages.

When school was finished Cast A went to Aladdin and I brought Biggles. Biggles had photos taken with everyone.







Biggles and I snuggling into bed.






Biggles and I at the Blackwood Recreation Centre for trampolining.






Heading home with Aiden today (Wednesday)






My Visit with Thomas – Week 9

Biggles met Jack my bird.

Biggles watched Ben 10.

Biggles finished eating his snack.







My Visit with Brodie

Biggles has had lots of soccer adventures. On Wednesday night we went to club soccer training – Biggles watched from the side.

On Friday night Biggles had a good sleep all ready for soccer on Saturday morning.

It was POURING with rain and Biggles decided to stay in the bag were it was warm and dry. The score was a draw. Two all. Biggles had Mc Donald’s for tea while Nana and Papa and dad went to the football – the Crows won.

On Sunday it was a another day out. We went to Croydon to play soccer.This time it was sunny – Biggles liked the game. The score was three two we lost. I scored a goal.

By Brodie

A very special member of our class is Biggles. Biggles is a cute and cuddly teddy bear that we take turns to take home and have adventures with. Each student will update this blog by writing about their visit with Biggles – it may also include photos and pictures.


38 thoughts on “Biggles Blog

  1. Hey Harry
    Thanks for your email – do you know who has Biggles at the moment. We haven’t updated his blog for a while?? I can’t remember who has Biggles
    From Lisa

  2. Hi Miss Sporn it’s me Brodie here in Queensland. We are staying in an Apartment at Breakers North. It has 15 storeys and we are staying on the 13th Floor. There is a heated pool and we are right on the beach.
    So far we have been to Movie World and Sea world. Movie world has been the best. My favourite things were the street parade, hollywood stunt driver and the road runner roller coaster (but it was a bit scary)
    We also saw a snake at the beach and Holly was scared.
    I really like the tunblr videos

  3. Hi Biggles,
    I hope you had fun when you came to the car race with us.
    We sure loved having you there.
    See ou again soon.
    Mia 🙂

  4. This is really cute to read all about Biggle’s adventures. Much better than having all the stories in a book that no-one can read. Great photo’s too. GO BIGGLES…..
    (Jordan’s Mum)

  5. Hi miss Sporn are you doing biggles this year because I would like to see more great trip to people’s home what he does from Sam

  6. Biggles looks cute and same with chopper. I think when chopper goes back to America with his friends our class can start taking Biggles home to our house’s just like we did with chopper and take another diary.

  7. When I had Chopper I made a slide with my cousin for him. I hope Chopper has had fun with us at our school.

  8. I have heard from Maisie that Biggles is in a bag. I hope he is ok and is being fed. Perhaps he could come out for a play.

  9. Hi Miss Sporn’s class,

    My name is summerhalliday and I go to Castle Cove PS. Your blog looks great! I really like Biggles. He looks really cute because of his big brown nose. Do you have any other class toys?

    From Summerhalliday

  10. Have you forgotten about the Biggles Blog?
    I’m not trying to be rude here, but you haven’t updated for a while now…

    Se ya! 😉

  11. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your comments – I love to see our class members on the blog.
    Biggles has been very slow to update his blog – do you think you could help him tomorrow?
    From Miss Sporn

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