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Our class has a new widget on our blog. It is called SpeakPipe. You can see the icon on the right hand side of our blog page – it also moves with the page as you scroll up or down. Mrs Kolenberg shared this idea with our class.

SpeakPipe allows you to record a verbal message to our class. If you send us a voicemail, it will email it to Ms Sporn and the we can listen to it and share it with the whole class.

We’d love to ‘hear’ from you on our new widget. Give it a try!

Computing Monitors

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On Monday this week Laurie, Lachlan, Hannah and Jenny worked with Mr Luke, our Deputy Principal, and other Year 3 and Year 4 students. Mr Luke ran an induction programme to teach these students how to:

  • set up our laptop trolly
  • store the laptops
  • make sure the laptops are recharging between sessions in classes and overnight
  • bring the laptops to our classroom and return them after our session
  • start the laptops and shut them down
  • and how to look after and respect the school laptops that we have – so they last a long time and can always be used.
Laurie, Lachlan, Hannah and Jenny spent quite a bit of time working with Mr Luke so they had a thorough understanding of what is expected of them as our class monitors.
It is also the monitors responsibility to train other members in our class to do the jobs we’ve mentioned above. That way we can work as a successful team and all learn how to take responsibility for the school’s resources.
Here are some photos of the training session.

Laptop Monitors on PhotoPeach

Our team of monitors did a wonderful job on their first day – congratulations to Laurie, Lachlan, Hannah and Jenny for being so responsible!
Does your school have computer monitors?
How do you look after the computers in your schools?