Police Visit

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As a part of our inquiry into Community Workers  we had a visit by Officer Jackson from the South Australian Police Force. It was great to learn about how the Police work to keep us safe in our community.

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Mini Microscope Investigations

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On Tuesday we did some very special investigations with Mrs Nelson.

The class used the iPads and iPods and clipped a mini microscope onto the edge of the device. As we were working inside we needed to switch the light on so that we could see items under the microscopes more clearly. We all had a partner to work with and share ideas.

This weeks  challenge was to explore ‘man-made’ in and around the classroom. After exploring the classroom and finding items to magnify the pairs then looked thru their pictures and chose one each to share for a ‘What do you think this is?’ whole class culminating activity.

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What did you discover under your microscope?

Community Worker Visitors

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As a part of our Inquiry about our people who live and work in our community we had 2 visitors this week.

We had a lady from the RSPCA who talked to us about how they save and help animals. It was interesting to hear about all of the different ways that the RSPCA works in our community.IMG_4131

Today we heard from Bev from Minton Farm.  It was great to hear about how Bev and her husband have over 300 animals living on their Coromandel Valley farm at the moment. Their work at Minton Farm centres around rescuing sick or injured animals, helping them back to good health and then releasing them back into their natural community if it is possible.  Sometimes animals can’t be released to live on their own so Bev keeps them on her farm to make sure they live a long and happy life. Minton Farm is quite close to school and a part of people in our community.

Bev brought twin possums along for us to see and learn about- they had been abandoned in the recent bushfires in the Adelaide Hills.

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Heroes – Australian of the Year

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As a part of our  current Inquiry topic about Heroes in our Community we have researched different Australian’s of the Year.  The children did their research as part of their preparation for Sharing Time and presented their understandings to the whole class.

It was very interesting to hear about all of the wonderful Australians who have won Australian of the Year and how they contribute to our country. Some of the people were: Adam Goodes, Paul Hogan, Tim Conolon, Arthur Boyd, Fred Hollows, Steve Waugh, Dr Fiona Wood, Sally Goold, Dawn Fraser, Jessica Watson, Cathy Freeman and General Peter Cosgrove. We had some people repeat that same Australian of the Year but they chose different information to present.

A major part of our conversations about these famous Australians was why they were chosen by the students in our class and how each of our students related to their choice. We really valued what they’ve contributed to Australia – in so many ways. The children think we are lucky to live in a country that has some many wonderful people contributing to it’s rich diversity.

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The Water Cycle

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Our class has begun investigating water:

  • the uses of water
  • sources of water
  • the world’s access to clean water – not everyone has access to clean water everyday
  • ways of making water safe to drink
  • the effects of not having access to clean water

This week we have looked at the water cycle and used a YouTube clip to explain it to us. We’ve also made it rain in our classroom!!

The children have also planned some experiments to test how quickly water evaporates – stay tuned for our results!

Here’s the YouTube clip – we just can’t stip singing it!


Can you tell us what you’ve learned about the water cycle?


Sharing Picture Books

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As a part of our latest inquiry unit we are learning all the different ways stories can be told. We kicked off our inquiry by bringing in our favourite picture book to share with a small group.

We needed to remember the important skills of reading a book to others, like-

  • speaking clearly
  • using expression to make the story sound even more interesting
  • showing the audience the pictures
  • stopping at full stops and taking a breath – don’t rush a good story
  • asking what people understood from the story – checking for understanding.

We’ve been learning about these reading skills through our Daily 5 work.

We had a huge variety of books brought in – it’s always interesting to see what kinds of books are interested in sharing.

This was also a great way to prepare for Bookweek, which is this week. There’s lots to see and do in our Library with Mrs Langham.

Here are photos from our Sharing time reading activity last week.
Picture book sharing on PhotoPeach

What books can you recommend to us – we love to hear about new books to read.


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As a part of our Inquiry unit into Structures the students had a model making challenge this week.

Their task was to create a strong and sturdy 3D structure that could stand some pressure (without falling apart).

We had very busy design, make and appraise sessions to complete this task. Most people worked in pairs to crete their models. There was quite a variety of structures created. The groups needed to roll and fold the pieces of paper and could only use masking tape to stick parts together. They also needed to recall some information about structures and bridges that we’d be researching and discussing during our investigations.

Here are photos of our final sharing session today
Technology on PhotoPeach

Can you tell us – what is the strongest shape used in buildings and structures?

Excursion to Tailem Town

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Last Friday our class travelled with the Year 1/2, 2 & 3 classes to Tailem Bend to visit  Old Tailem Town. This excursion tied in perfectly with our Inquiry unit about Artefacts.

Old Tailem Town is set up like an old town – it has houses, long/short drop toilets, movie theatres, garages, mechanics, a fire station, a police station and dungeon, old trams and trains, general stores, hotels, hospitals and so many more spots to visit. People are free to wander around the town and explore!

We walked around all of the different parts of Tailem Town and went into lots of the buildings to see how our earlier settlers lived. We looked at the rooms in houses, the old furniture and meat safes, table settings, beds, furniture and farming equipment and vehicles. There was so much to see and do – we had a really busy day!!

As we toured around the village we could see how many different items in our homes have changes, for example: fridges, washing machines, toilets, plates, cutlery, wardrobes – just to name a few.

Here are photos of our day.
Tailem Town – Part 1 on PhotoPeach

Tailem Town – Part 2 on PhotoPeach

What did you think of Tailem Town?

Safety Assist Visit

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Today we had Rona from Safety Assist visit our school as a part of our Safety unit of inquiry. She talked to us and explained how Safety Assist houses/ places in our community can help to keep us safe. Safety Assist used to be known as Safety Houses.

Rona explained that Safety Assist places always show the red and yellow signs in their windows, on  letterboxes or on street signs, there is a smily face on the signs. Rona also explained that if you are feeling unsafe, feel threatened, are lost or need help for some reason you can go into a Safety Assist place and they will help you.

Places that offer Safety Assist help can be:

  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • houses
  • shops
  • schools
  • Public Libraries
  • Australia Post Offices
  • businesses
  • Surf Life Saving patrol bases
  • Banks

These places will get help for you straight away and make sure you are safe very quickly.

What message did you learn from today’s Safety Assist visit?



Fire Fighter Visitors

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Our current unit of inquiry is about Safety – ways to stay safe, make safe decisions and ways to get help if you feel unsafe.

Today we had Fire Fighters Dean and  Tony visit our class.

First they talked to us about all the different  scenarios that we might find fire in – good fires or bad fires, what to do if our house is on fire, how to call for help and

Then they showed us the uniforms they wear into a fire and explained all the different parts of the uniform and how the uniform is coated in a material that makes it fire proof – that way it’s safe to wear into a fire. We looked at the masks they wear to help them breathe in a smoky building and the oxygen cylinders that help them breathe in a smoky building.

Then we went out to look at the fire appliance (truck) and the fire fighters explained each piece of equipment and what they use it for.

We asked lots of questions that helped us with our inquiry and they answered questions we had on our wondering wall.

Here’s some photos of our session today.

What did you think of today’s visit by Fire Fighters Dean and Tony? Tell us a message that you learned.